Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: When will you be in ________?
A1: Check our events list here. If a city or location is not yet listed, it means that we have not yet scheduled the event. Please be patient and continue following our Facebook page for more.

Q2: Will you be coming to ________?
A2: Check our map here.

Q3: Will you be coming to ________, I don’t see it on the map?
A3: We will cover approximately 38-40 countries on this trip, and chances are, we will pass by a city near you. If your city is not on the map, we have not scheduled it yet, or we do not plan to visit your city.

Q4: Will the dates and times change?
A4: Yes, the dates and times will change constantly up until the actual event date and time. We cannot guarantee the timing of any events, and we therefore discourage people from making plans that cannot be cancelled or changed. We cannot be held responsible for costs incurred due to our schedule changing.

Q5: Can I test drive the Model 3?
A5: Yes, we will offer test drives at most of our events. Test drives are not guaranteed.

Q6: How can I RSVP to test drive the Model 3?
A6: RSVP at Clicking “Going” to a Facebook event is not considered an RSVP.

Q7: Is an RSVP a guarantee of a test drive?
A7: No, making an RSVP does not guarantee a test drive.

Q8: How much do I have to pay for a test drive, if I am selected?
A8: The minimum fee for a test drive will be €20 in Eurozone countries (and countries where Euros are the primary currency), £20 in the United Kingdom, or the equivalent in other currency (for example, kroner in Norway). This rate was changed as of 7 April 2018 after careful consideration of the costs related to the trip.

Q9: How will test drive priority be determined?
A9: Test drives are extremely limited and will not be given out on a first-come, first-served basis. When making an RSVP, you will be asked how much you are willing to pay for a test drive. The highest offers will receive the test drives first. Those offering the lowest amounts will most likely not receive a test drive. We apologise in advance for any disappointment this may cause.

Q10: Will I have to sign a waiver? What legal obligations do I have?
A10: By participating in a test drive in any way (as a driver or passenger), you will be asked to sign a legal waiver as well as an agreement to assume all legal liability associated with the drive. If the vehicle is damaged, you will be responsible for the full costs of repair to the vehicle’s original condition. You are responsible for furnishing the correct insurance necessary to drive the vehicle, and you will also be responsible for all tickets, citations, or fines received when driving the vehicle. If you are not comfortable with these terms, please do not participate in a test drive.

Q11: Can you email me when you are near ________?
A11: We have very limited resources and cannot individually update our fans. Everyone is encouraged to follow our Facebook page closely for any updates.

Q12: What are your vehicle specifications?
A12: 2017 Tesla Model 3, long range battery (500 km range), US$63,014 with tax and fees included. We encourage fans to visit Tesla’s website to learn more about the Model 3.

Q13: The charging in Europe is different than America.
A13: Yes, we are aware of this. The plug is different and the electrical standards are different too. We are working on various solutions to this problem.

Q14: Does CHAdeMO charging work with the vehicle?
A14: As of 8 March 2018, the Model 3 does NOT support CHAdeMO charging. We are not sure why, as we have seen prototype vehicles using CHAdeMO charging stations. However, we expect it to be enabled soon.

Q15: How can I make a donation to your road trip?
A15: Please refer to our donation page here.

Q16: If I make a donation, will this guarantee a test drive for me?
A16: No, donations are made out of the kindness of your heart, and we appreciate all of our supporters making contributions to the road trip. We have received small donations from too many different people to keep track of them properly, and it would be very difficult for us to offer individual advantages to our donors. By making a donation, you are not increasing your chances of receiving a test drive and your donation will not be applied to any test drive payments or consideration.

Q17: Are you doing this trip to make money?
A17: No, we are charging for test drives to offset massive costs, which are detailed on our donation page here. We will most likely lose money on this trip.

Q18: Can I bring a car seat/my golf clubs/my bike/etc. to see how big the cargo space is?
A18: No, we are not allowing this due to potential for damage to the car. We already know that suitcases fit in the front, car seats fit perfectly in the back, and the rear will hold plenty of golf clubs. You will have an opportunity to see this for yourself.

Q19: Can I contact you on your personal profile?
A19: We ask that all communications related to the road trip be communicated via our official Facebook page, located here. Please respect our team members’ privacy.

Q20: I just checked the schedule, and it is impossible for you to drive from “A” to “B” in 3 hours!
A20: Yes, we are aware of this. Our timings are simply provisional and not final until the event begins. Please continue following the page for updates.

Q21: I have to work and cannot make it to your event, can you reschedule?
A21: Our events will often take place during weekdays when a lot of people are working. We apologise in advance for the inconvenience that this may cause. We will do our best to schedule events for the evenings, but we cannot possibly work around everyone’s plans. We encourage you to ask for time off from work if you are very committed to seeing the car and meeting us on the road.

Q22: How long will this trip last?
A22: We estimate a trip duration of approximately 55 days.